Our three steps to saving you money

Identify Ark provide software solutions to scan and catalog your network and computer assets.

Our Network Scanning service can automatically locate and identify devices connected to your LAN and WAN. Our Engineers can then visually catalog your Network to provide a full asset list.
Analyze Ark Consultants can analyze your Asset list to isolate equipment that has insufficient support cover and even suggest upgrade options for existing legacy equipment.

Manufacturers continually mark equipment as End of Life and End of Support, Ark Analysis Services can identify these items in your Asset Catalog and provide EOL support or upgrade options as necessary.
Manage Ark Management Support Services will monitor your Asset List to report on vulnerabilities and necessary software patches

Network base operating systems are continually evolving and software updates can be frequent and irrelevant - let Ark Experts guide summarize the flow so that you only receive the relevant information.

About Ark Consulting

Ark is an evolution of a software house into a support company. We have developed software that scans your networks and coupled it with a successful Network Asset Management solution to provide a unique Network Support Service.