Our four step process is tried and tested to save you money on your Network Support


The identify phase catalogs every element of your Network using serial number lookups and discovery tools


We Analyze your existing or intended support strategy to ensure that your assets are correctly protected


Our proposal will aim to maximise cover for minimal outlay, our objective is to save you money on your Network Support


Our Relationship Managers utilise advanced software to monitor issues on your behalf for your ongoing peace of mind

About us

Ark Consulting is a focused supplier of Network Support Services, we have developed a four step process that aims to maximise cover for minimal outlay.

We aim to be a single point of contact for all of your support requirements. Our partners have been carefully chosen to provide a complete support solution and we aim to exceed your expectations in everything we do. Contact us when your current maintenance agreement is due.

Our customers range from small businesses through to multi-national and Governments but our service levels are always exceptional.

Our unique services include

Bespoke Network Audit Software - to ensure the most efficient support package is in place we have developed a Custom Network Audit Software Product.

Our software interrogates every device on your Network and reports on version levels and software configurations. We can further analyze this data to advise you on your network health.

Customized Legacy Support - we have partnerships with an ever increasing number of Partners that specialize in the support of legacy Computer Equipment.

We offer to cover all of your current and legacy devices under one easily managed agreement, relieving you of the burden.